Unveil the chilling terror of the Vampire Counts Wraith! Cloaked in shadows, this spectral figure drifts silently, exuding an aura of pure dread. Its hollow eyes glow with a sinister light, piercing through the deepest darkness.

Armed with an ethereal scythe, the Wraith cuts through enemies with ghostly precision. Each swing of its weapon leaves a trail of icy fear, freezing the hearts of those who dare to stand against it. The air around it grows cold, and whispers of the dead echo in its wake.

Every detail, from its flowing, tattered robes to its skeletal hands, captures the essence of unearthly menace. Add this haunting figure to your army and watch as it sows despair among your foes. Command with spectral authority. Dominate the battlefield with the relentless power of the Vampire Counts Wraith!