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Discover the rich world of tabletop wargaming books through our curated pre-owned collection. Catering to both seasoned gamers and those new to the tabletop scene, our selection promises a well-rounded experience for enthusiasts at every level.

Dive into your faction with our rulebooks

Discover the intricate lore of tabletop wargaming within our collection of reclaimed Fantasy army books, Age of Sigmar battletomes, and Warhammer 40K codices. These materials serve not only as rule references but also as windows into the rich narratives shaping each faction. Unravel the mysteries surrounding your chosen army’s origins and motivations, forging a deeper connection to the storytelling elements that define the tabletop universe.

Black Library’s legacy

This collection showcases esteemed titles from the renowned Black Library. Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of stories where each novel unveils a new layer of the expansive Warhammer universe. Whether you’re drawn to gripping narratives or eager to delve into the historical events of The Horus Heresy, our Black Library offerings add depth and intrigue to your tabletop experience.

Extend your adventures with campaign books

Extend your tabletop adventures with preloved campaign books. These volumes seamlessly weave interconnected narratives, providing you with the opportunity to experience the ebb and flow of battles across multiple scenarios. Immerse yourself in captivating story arcs and actively shape the fate of your army as you progress through the dynamic campaigns featured in our diverse collection.

Used wargaming books at Ouroboros

Browse through used wargaming books at Ouroboros, from Black Library novels to codices for Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar. Our collection caters to tabletop enthusiasts seeking engaging content, offering well-loved volumes with character or near-mint editions for a pristine reading experience tailored to your interests.

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