Unleash the enchanting terror of the Vampire Counts Mounted Lahmian Vampire! Astride a sleek, dark steed, this vampiric beauty exudes elegance and deadly allure. Her flowing gown, both regal and sinister, billows in the night wind.

With eyes that mesmerize and a blade that strikes with lethal grace, she commands both admiration and fear. Her mount, agile and fierce, mirrors her predatory grace, moving with silent, deadly precision. Together, they are a breathtaking vision of power and seduction.

Every detail, from her intricate attire to the steed’s fierce stance, captures the essence of vampiric nobility. Add this captivating figure to your army and dominate the battlefield. Ride with unearthly grace. Command with the irresistible might of the Vampire Counts Mounted Lahmian Vampire!