Unveil the macabre horror of the Vampire Counts Corpse Cart! This gruesome chariot rolls forth, piled high with rotting cadavers and drawn by undead beasts. A necromancer stands atop, chanting vile incantations to bolster your undead legions.

Every detail drips with decay and dread. Skulls and bones dangle from the cart, swaying with each unsettling movement. The rancid stench of death follows it, spreading terror among foes. Flickering lanterns cast an eerie glow, illuminating the grim procession.

In battle, the Corpse Cart pulses with dark energy, rejuvenating nearby undead and sapping the will of the living. It turns the tide, making your forces more resilient and relentless. Add this sinister engine of death to your army. Infuse your battles with necromantic power. Reign supreme with the unholy might of the Vampire Counts Corpse Cart!