Summon the wrath of Khorne with the imposing Skull Altar! This fearsome structure, built from the skulls of vanquished foes, radiates a powerful aura of bloodlust and rage. Every inch of the altar drips with the essence of the Blood God, inspiring your warriors to greater feats of brutality.

The Skull Altar stands as a towering monument to Khorne’s glory. Massive skulls and jagged bones form its base, while blood-red braziers burn fiercely atop. Chains and spikes adorn its structure, creating an atmosphere of relentless aggression. The Altar’s central platform serves as a place for dark rituals, amplifying Khorne’s blessings to those who spill blood in his name.

Intricately detailed, this miniature captures the brutal aesthetic of Khorne’s domain. The dark reds, gleaming metals, and weathered bones emphasize its ferocious nature. The dynamic design ensures it will be a striking centerpiece in any Chaos Daemons or Khorne-aligned army.

Perfect for collectors and gamers alike, the Skull Altar enhances your forces with Khorne’s unyielding fury. Place this formidable monument on your battlefield and watch as your army’s bloodlust reaches new heights. Embrace the carnage and let the Skull Altar channel the Blood God’s rage into every conflict!