Unleash the vile power of the Plaguefather with Scabeiathrax, the Exalted Greater Daemon of Nurgle! This grotesque monstrosity embodies decay and corruption, towering over the battlefield with a presence that strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest warriors. His bloated, diseased form oozes pus and filth, leaving a trail of pestilence in his wake.

Scabeiathrax wields the potent Bubonic Sword, slashing foes with infectious fury. His foul bulk teems with swarms of Nurglings, ready to spread their master’s contagion. The putrid stench of decay follows him, demoralizing enemies and withering life wherever he treads.

Every detail on this stunning miniature captures the horrifying beauty of Nurgle’s dark blessings. From his sagging, rotting flesh to the sickly-green hues of corruption, Scabeiathrax stands as a testament to the power of entropy and ruin. Perfect for collectors and gamers alike, this model will be the centerpiece of any Chaos army.

Bring the Plaguefather’s most exalted servant to your tabletop. Spread despair and disease with Scabeiathrax, the embodiment of Nurgle’s unholy might!