Skarsnik and Gobbla, a twisted duo of greenskin terror, roam the darkened tunnels with sinister glee.

Skarsnik, a cunning Night Goblin warlord, rides atop Gobbla, his monstrous pet squig, their bond unbreakable and their hunger insatiable.

With a wicked grin and a flick of his rusted spear, Skarsnik leads his loyal followers through the labyrinthine depths, plotting mischief and mayhem at every turn.

Gobbla, with jaws like a vice and eyes that gleam with hunger, devours anything in its path, a fearsome guardian to its diminutive master.

Together, Skarsnik and Gobbla are a force to be reckoned with, a nightmare incarnate that haunts the darkest corners of the world, their legend growing with every tale told around the campfire.