Summon the nightmarish power of Chaos with The Glottkin, a towering embodiment of Nurgle’s festering wrath! These grotesque siblings, Otto and Ethrac, ride atop their monstrous brother Ghurk, forming a triad of corruption and decay. Their combined presence brings ruin and despair to all who dare oppose them.

The Glottkin’s horrifying visage dominates the battlefield. Ghurk’s bloated, rotting mass teems with foul diseases, his clawed hands ready to crush any foe. Otto, armed with a massive scythe, slashes through enemies with gruesome precision. Ethrac, a master of dark sorcery, casts vile spells that spread Nurgle’s blight.

Every inch of this intricate miniature showcases the gruesome details of Nurgle’s corruption. Ghurk’s mottled skin crawls with maggots and sores, while Otto and Ethrac’s sinister expressions radiate malice. The putrid greens and decaying browns bring their revolting forms to life, making The Glottkin a standout addition to any Chaos Daemons army.

Collectors and gamers alike will marvel at the unholy beauty of The Glottkin. This centerpiece model exudes the raw, destructive power of Nurgle, spreading despair and disease with every step. Bring The Glottkin to your tabletop and let their revolting might overwhelm your enemies! Embrace the corruption and chaos with these champions of Nurgle’s dark blessings!