Unleash the grotesque might of Nurgle with the Pusgoyle Blightlord, a fearsome rider atop a Rot Fly! This monstrous warrior exudes decay and pestilence, spreading the Plaguefather’s foul blessings across the battlefield. Covered in dripping, diseased flesh and encased in rusted armor, the Pusgoyle Blightlord strikes fear into the hearts of foes.

Mounted on a corrupted Rot Fly, its buzzing wings leave a trail of infectious filth. The Blightlord wields a venomous scythe and hurls toxic grenades with deadly accuracy, poisoning enemies with every strike. Together, they bring Nurgle’s blight to life, a formidable force of decay and disease.

Crafted with exquisite detail, this miniature captures the repulsive essence of Nurgle’s champion. The rotting flesh, oozing sores, and crawling maggots emphasize the grotesque nature of the Pusgoyle Blightlord. The sickly greens and mottled browns accentuate his corrupted form, making him a standout addition to any Chaos Daemons army.

Perfect for collectors and gamers, the Pusgoyle Blightlord spreads Nurgle’s contagion far and wide. Command this monstrous rider and watch as your enemies succumb to the relentless plague and decay he brings. Embrace the foulness and wield the putrid power of the Pusgoyle Blightlord in your quest for unholy dominion!