Unleash the noxious might of Nurgle with the Lord of Afflictions! This vile champion rides into battle atop a monstrous Rot Fly, spreading disease and decay with every beat of its wings. Covered in festering sores and draped in corroded armor, the Lord of Afflictions embodies Nurgle’s gift of unholy pestilence.

Wielding the plague-ridden weapon, he cuts through enemies with lethal precision, each strike leaving behind a trail of corruption. His Rot Fly, a grotesque blend of insect and decay, tramples and infects all in its path, furthering Nurgle’s insidious reach.

This intricately detailed miniature captures the repulsive glory of the Lord of Afflictions. From the rotting flesh to the crawling maggots, every element showcases the foul essence of Nurgle’s champion. The sickly greens and decaying browns highlight his repulsive nature, making him a striking addition to any Chaos Daemons army.

Ideal for collectors and gamers, the Lord of Afflictions brings the relentless tide of Nurgle’s decay to your tabletop. Command this loathsome warrior and witness your enemies fall to the plague and despair he spreads. Embrace the corruption and wield the vile power of the Lord of Afflictions in your quest for unholy domination!