Unleash the grotesque might of Nurgle with the Great Unclean One! This hulking abomination embodies decay and pestilence, bringing Nurgle’s foul blessings to the battlefield. Covered in festering sores and oozing filth, this daemon lord spreads disease with every lumbering step.

The Great Unclean One wields a massive Doomsday Bell. His rotting form houses countless Nurglings, eager to leap forth and spread their own brand of contagion. His sagging flesh, pustules, and maggot-filled wounds create a horrifying visage that strikes terror into the hearts of all who behold him.

This stunning miniature captures every disgusting detail of the Great Unclean One. His bloated belly, dripping slime, and decayed features showcase Nurgle’s revolting gifts. The vibrant greens and sickly yellows of his form make him a revolting yet mesmerizing centerpiece for any Chaos Daemons army.

Perfect for collectors and gamers alike, the Great Unclean One commands the battlefield with unholy power. Spread despair, disease, and decay with this epitome of Nurgle’s malevolent influence! Bring the unclean terror of the Great Unclean One to your tabletop and watch your enemies fall to his putrid might!