In the realm of Bretonnia, Bertrand the Brigand leads a motley crew of comrades through emerald forests and golden fields. Clad in vibrant attire, Hugo le Petit, a tall and robust rogue, strides with the strength of a mountain, while Gui le Gros, a stout and plump companion, waddles alongside, his laughter as hearty as his frame.

Bertrand, a charismatic rogue with a cloak of midnight hues, spins tales of daring escapades that sparkle with the mischief of a thousand stars. Hugo le Petit, towering like an oak, exudes strength and resilience, his presence a testament to the formidable nature of their fellowship. Gui le Gros, with a bellyful of laughter and armor adorned in hues of autumn leaves, stands as the jolly heart of their roguish band.

Together, this diverse trio embraces the vibrant spirit of Bretonnia, their exploits painting a colorful canvas of mirth and camaraderie across the tapestry of the realm.