Unleash the spectral fury of the Vampire Counts Hex Wraiths! These ghostly riders glide through the night, mounted on eerie, ethereal steeds. Cloaked in tattered shrouds, each Hex Wraith exudes an aura of death and dread.

Their scythes gleam with a supernatural glow, ready to reap the souls of the living. These phantasmal figures can phase through solid matter, striking fear into even the bravest hearts. With skeletal hands gripping the reins, they ride in silence, a chilling omen of doom.

Bring these sinister specters to your tabletop battles. Every intricately sculpted detail captures their otherworldly menace. With the Hex Wraiths at your command, haunt your enemies and claim victory with the unrelenting power of the undead. Command the darkness. Embrace the spectral terror. Ride into battle with the Vampire Counts Hex Wraiths!