Unleash the relentless power of the Undead Mounted Wights Musician! These fearsome warriors ride skeletal steeds, exuding an aura of ancient dread. Clad in rusted armor, they charge with unyielding determination, their hollow eyes glowing with malice.

Each Wight wields a deadly weapon, striking with chilling precision. Their mounts, skeletal and swift, gallop across the battlefield with an eerie grace. The clatter of bones and armor echoes through the air, heralding doom for their enemies.

Every detail, from the intricate designs on their armor to the ghostly glow in their eyes, captures the essence of undead might. Add these fearsome riders to your army and dominate the battlefield with their relentless charge. Command with unwavering authority. Strike terror with the unyielding force of the Undead Mounted Wights Musician!