Unleash the Judgements of Khorne and rain devastation upon your foes! These powerful manifestations of the Blood God’s wrath bring unparalleled destruction to the battlefield. Each judgement channels Khorne’s insatiable hunger for bloodshed, striking terror into the hearts of your enemies.


The Wrath-Axe cleaves through the air, its fiery edge burning with the fury of Khorne. This massive, ethereal weapon strikes with relentless precision, slicing through armor and flesh with ease. When the Wrath-Axe descends, enemies are left in ruins, their blood nourishing Khorne’s unending rage.

Hexgorger Skulls

The Hexgorger Skulls hover menacingly, their hollow eyes glowing with dark energy. These cursed skulls disrupt enemy magic, nullifying spells and breaking the will of sorcerers. As they float across the battlefield, they exude an aura of dread, sapping the power of those who rely on the arcane.

Bleeding Icon

The Bleeding Icon stands tall, an unholy symbol of Khorne’s dominion. Blood continuously flows from this grotesque idol, empowering nearby warriors with unyielding ferocity. Its presence inspires Khorne’s followers to fight harder, their bloodlust amplified by the icon’s dark blessings.

Each piece in the Judgements of Khorne set is crafted with exquisite detail, capturing the brutal and savage nature of the Blood God. The vivid reds and dark metals accentuate their menacing appearance, making them striking additions to any Chaos Daemons army.

For collectors and gamers, the Judgements of Khorne bring a new level of ferocity to your forces. Unleash these powerful manifestations and watch as your enemies fall before the might of Khorne’s wrath. Embrace the bloodshed and let the Judgements of Khorne turn the tide of battle in your favor!