Grom the Paunch, a hulking Goblin warlord, towers over the battlefield with his massive frame and booming voice.

Clad in crude armor adorned with trophies of his conquests, he brandishes the mighty Axe of Grom, a weapon as fearsome as its wielder.

With a bellowing laugh that shakes the earth, Grom charges into battle atop his chariot pulled by wolves, their jaws snapping with deadly fervor.

His presence inspires awe and terror among his greenskin kin, rallying them to victory with his unmatched ferocity and unquenchable thirst for glory.

In the annals of greenskin lore, Grom the Paunch stands as a legend, a colossus of strength and savagery who carves his name into the annals of history with every swing of his mighty axe.