Unleash the unstoppable fury of the Rendmaster, Herald of Khorne! This blood-soaked champion wields a colossal swordChaos Daemons Rendmaster Herald of Khorne: Embrace the relentless power of the Chaos Daemons Rendmaster Herald of Khorne. Learn about its brutal abilities, blood-soaked lore, and strategic impact in Warhammer battles. Command the fury of Khorne’s herald on the tabletop and dominate your foes with relentless aggression., cleaving through enemies with relentless strength. Adorned in intimidating armor and crowned with horns, he embodies the wrath of Khorne. With every battle cry, he inspires his daemon kin to charge fearlessly into combat. Add the Rendmaster to your Chaos Daemon army and let him lead your forces to victory through sheer brutality and unyielding rage!