Embrace the twisted garden of Nurgle with Horticulous Slimux, the Grand Cultivator of Blight! Riding atop his massive snail-like steed, Mulch, Horticulous tends to Nurgle’s garden with malevolent glee. Covered in fungal growths and dripping with slime, he spreads decay and corruption wherever he roams.

Horticulous wields the Plague Flail with deadly precision, its chains festooned with toxic blossoms that ensnare and poison his enemies. Mulch, his loyal steed, exudes an aura of pestilence, trampling foes underfoot and sprouting Nurglings with each step. Together, they nurture Nurgle’s garden, cultivating a realm of perpetual decay.

This finely detailed miniature captures Horticulous Slimux’s grotesque charm. From his rotting flesh to the blooming fungi and crawling Nurglings, every element embodies Nurgle’s bountiful gifts. The vibrant greens and sickly yellows accentuate his repulsive nature, making Horticulous a captivating centerpiece for any Chaos Daemons army.

Ideal for collectors and gamers, Horticulous Slimux brings Nurgle’s twisted garden to life on your tabletop. Command this sinister gardener and witness as your enemies wither beneath the relentless onslaught of decay and blight. Embrace the foulness and wield the twisted power of Horticulous Slimux in your quest for unholy dominion!